_of Tropicana Medical Centre and Sunway Medical Centre

P/S: Please note that every single photo I've used for this post is strictly mine. I could NOT possibly find images in Google to re-enact this story of mine. It will be very weird if I find someone with the exact same predicament as I have been through today.

  Yes, you have read that right. I am officially declared unwell sick not feeling good enough.

  The journey of my quest of finding the cause of the illness will be told here. But keep in mind that some of them might be exaggerated, might be truly wrong, might be purposely made false, and might just be fully correct. (Eii. If you want to know so much about it, just call me and ask la. Sure I will tell de.)

 -> The start of the journey. After being coaxed forced threatened by Miss Q.L. for a few hours, I chose this place to get my blood test procedure done.

Her modus operandi? She STOLE Sammy (my Cupido) away and kept on punching him to make him slightly bigger, fatter and blacker.

 -> Yupe, that is where Q.L. and I got our blood test thingy thing going. It is called a General Screening Profile 1 (GS1) and it cost us a lot. No, scratch that. It was A LOT of money to pay for a GS1 which didn't include the tests for allergic reactions. Nor the doctor's consultation.

 -> After several hours of patience and endurance (and some very GRUDGINGLY hilarious and painful, WAY WAY PAINFUL, wound stabbings), our results were out. Actually, we only waited for two hours, thanks for the efficiency of Miss Nurse. However, they DID NOT provide a doctor's consultation in the Accidents and Emergency Department. Therefore....

 -> We went to this place just to get the doctor's consultation. Dr. S was very kind in telling me what was wrong with my test result. I've got bacterial infections and some fear of allergic reactions.

 -> P.S. Before I went to see Dr. S, I was checked by the nurses there. There were some conversations going on that was worth noting:

Nurse A: "Ada allergic apa-apa ubat tak?"
Me:      "Tak sure pulak. Tapi, setakat nie takde la."
Nurse A: "Tapi nampak macam ada rashes nie. Yang kat leher tu, tangan pun ada merah-merah."

(In the meantime, I was very panicked and tried to check all the rashes that he had mentioned. At this time...)

Health Assistant Officer: "Hah! Nie allergic nie. Mesti allergic kat nasi!!!"

(And he went away.)


  ME!! ME!!! Allergic to rice???? Hell no! HELL NO!!

-> Luckily, Dr. S told me the cause of the rashes. Maybe (note that word), MAYBE it was caused by the infection. Nothing to worry about etc etc etc.

 -> I was prescribed those medicines/pills + cream + granules, which once again, cost me A LOT of money. A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. I paid almost RM400 just to get everything done and was told that everything is fine with my body. No cancer, no thyroid, no STDs, no diabetes etc. Only bacterial infections and maybe allergic infections. Great. I feel better already.

At the end of the day...

 -> This is how my hand looked like after the blood test procedure. Mind you, it was very very very painful (to begin with). Q.L. thinks I'm such a baby because, as quoted from her, "making a big deal out of nothing" but let me digress.

If a nurse told you that:
(a) your blood is very saturated
(b) it is hard to pull out the needle
(c) this will hurt just a bit

...and all the statements are correct except for (c) (as the nurse's level of hurt-ness is HIGHLY underrated), YOU. WILL. BE. AS. BABY. AS. I. AM.


P/P/S: By the way, about the rashes. After I went home, I called my mom and told her about it. She said I have what they called as "cacar". And yupe, it itches very much. So, now I am not allowed to touch water, not allowed to eat oily food, not allowed to switch on the fan or the air-cond, not allowed to go anywhere except drinking some lukewarm Coke to get all the rashes out.

And oh, No Scratching.



  1. So pity. Dragged by a friend. You should be fought with her. Don't care about your Mr Sammy since it is just a white unknown creature. ^^ But thank to your friend. She let you know of your health. ^^

  2. OMG. What is that UGLY brown colour thing in the pic????

    Her? She made me lost rm400 liao.

  3. Aiks! Its head gone. Never mind. Hahaha!

    Wow! Such a big amount. But still ok. At least you know you get infection and maybe even allergic.

  4. Head kena pancung liao. Wakakkakakakkakakaka...

    Why you sounded like you were not there? You are the Primary Offender!!!

    I hate allergics!!!

  5. LOL! Never mind. At least can be secretive. Haha! Problem with cropping lah.

    Yup. I'm elusive. Don't you know?

    Horay!!! You finally get allergic especially seafood. No one will fight with me for the prawns!!!

  6. You cannot even crop properly? YOU?!

    I know now. I guess no one will be coming back to my room this Sunday. Coz of elusiveness.

    Nope. No allergic. *stick my tongue out the 2nd time*

  7. Yup. Got that weird meh? Is a normal thing for me. I don't know this display picture cannot fix in my picture.

    Will. Tomorrow I will be back. ^^

    No need to stick your tongue!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. it can, you know. It really can.

    No card!!! I repeat, NO CARD!!!

    *stick my tongue out* *stick my tongue out* bhulrblruuereber...