_of Not Having a Profile Pic in Other People's Blogs

  Why is it that when I follow someone's blog, my profile pic is not shown inside their Follower's box? It's not like I'm a stalker. I have a name, Blogger team!!!

  On a brighter side, I've officially created a club - The Unsuccessful Stalkers Wannabe-Normal Club (TUSW, cool huh?).

The members, so far:
1. Moi.

2. Q.L. 
- She is being such a baby over it. Didn't want to admit that she stalked a bunch of primary kids last night. In a hotel.

3. Q.L.'s elusive friend.
- The friend is okay, for an elusive friend. Might just be supportive enough.

4. You.
I was hoping you would be one, too. But then I remembered that you absolutely have no idea about this little blog of mine. Which renders putting your name in the list here a waste of time.
5. M.A.
- She is a newcomer to this blog. She asked me yesterday why I deactivated my FB. It is worth to mention that when I made another account just for her sake (I deactivated that account, too), I nearly had a panic attack. I guess I am too paranoid over this social network thingy.

P.S.: My list is not complete yet. It surprised me how few members the club has. Therefore, friends and "friends", if you are reading this post, and somehow, interested in letting me know about YOU reading the blog, make a shout-out please. It might just make my day. 

Or shock me. 

Do not worry. I've checked my health. So far, I still do not have any heart-related disease. Good to know, eh?


  1. I do not have any intention to join your group. Because the founder of this group not very pro. She doesn't even know how to stalk people and investigate. SO I WANT TO OUT OF THIS GROUP!!!!

  2. Ceh. If you want to be out, must have 100% of votes from all people.

    And since I do not approve of it, you lost one crucial vote liao.


  3. -.-!!! 100% votes?

    I don't remember I have applied for this group. You are the one just simply put my name here.


  4. You satisfied all the requirements to become an unsuccessful stalker.

    It's an automatic application and approval.

    You cannot do anything about it.

  5. -.-!!! What automatic application and approval.

    You suppose to let me fill an application form and need to be interviewed. But you do none of these procedures. In a conclusion, I am NOT the member.

  6. Lol.

    You think this is in high school meh? Still need to fill forms wah..

    Highly advanced technology. If wait for you, that won't happen until the end of the world.