_of Being A Procrastinator

"My Current Dream".
  I've been wanting to write food entries about Chili's and Madam Kwan's and a Beastly movie entry. But I am too lazy I have been having (what we called) the blogger's block. It is similar to the writer's block, with the added element of being missing in action (MIA) for many many weeks to come.

  And since it is the Internet, you may find it very hard (EXTREMELY, even) to locate my whereabouts. Which makes it cool, as long as I keep away from Facebook/Twitter/Myspace. Yikes.


  1. What you is a cape or a hood...then that will be perfect..hehe

  2. Yupe. But I cannot find one pic that has it. Hahhahahahhaa...

  3. hahah I laughed hard when I saw this! I guess I'm guilty of the "P" word too!


  4. TTD: Let's NOT start picturing the mental image of you wearing the same outfit as the one above, with the big "P" on it. *shivers*

    Then, you shall need lots of luck for your "A Post A Day" challenge!!! :)