The Top 4 Ways I Would Try to Stop A Serial Killer

I shall try to do a Nuffnang contest-turned-post today.

(pictures around here are courtesy of (yet again) Natalie Dee. I realize that I've been "using" their cartoon pictures quite frequently these days. Must be because I love the concept too much...)

~The Top 4 Ways...To Stop A Serial Killer

1. Bring in the "Cool-as-hell-policewoman-with-sunglasses".

  Every place (which worth something valuable) must have, at least, ONE policewoman. Now, I am NOT being sexist. There's a reason for this; a serial killer may be a guy, a lady or even...

...a toddler.

  So, who else is more suitable than a policewoman? Read between the lines: A face that launches a thousand ships, 倾国倾城 etc etc.

2. Must Have Killer Weapons/Machines/Pets.

  Every person in the world (even serial killers) has their own childhood memories. A cotton candy to bribe, kill or even insult a serial killer would be an efficient way to stop him/her.

  Something deadlier than a cotton candy machine would be...

...a killer pet dinosaur.

  It is better than a pet dog or a pet cat, as it bites worse than the two former animals. But hey, when you simply cannot get some dinosaurs into your hands, you would just have to resort to...

3. Force The Serial Killer to Swallow Poisonous Pills.

  In fact, you don't have to be so particular about which pills to use. Any pills would be sufficient, at least when taken in an overdose quantity.

When all fails, fret not. At the very least...

4. Let Him or Her Go/Be Alone.

  Wait... What???!!! After all these while, you seriously thought I will ask you to be patient and let nature takes its own course? Of course not. What I meant was this:

  Every thing in the world has its own fate/destiny. So, if your serial killer is such a bad-ass, rest assured that 冥冥之中(or fate, as we called it), the serial killer will be brought to justice in its own unique way. Even if it is an ordinary way to die, it sure is deadly

As I have said before, it is a Nuffnang contest. 

Details are all here.
[Update]: I've tried commenting on the Nuffnang page, but it did not work. Must be because they use "FB plugin" now, too bad then. Sigh~~~

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