_of Me Against My Health

The four cartoons below will have NOTHING to do with this entry. Enjoy!

1. The reason why I should NOT be on diet...

- I am too narcissistic to allow myself to stop existing.

2. Is it not cool to...

- Watch chickens roasting another chicken (and never-seen-before-scenes of slaughtering the head, plucking the feathers, skinning the meat etc etc)? It certainly lighten up my day.

3. Exorcism?

- Is what I think Q.L. needs every time she goes to sleep and wakes up 14 hours later.

4. Me, a commitment-phobic?

- Hah!

The rest of the cartoons is definitely about this entry. (Cartoons courtesy of Natalie Dee, you can check the website here ). Enjoy!

  Now, the story often begins with the main character. Which, in my case, will be a Ramen noodle (we Malaysians called it, The Maggi).

  Out of nowhere, Snow butts into the story. It was a dream, unfortunately - for whoever with a right mind (Q.L. excluded) will know that our country Will. Never. Snow. No matter how hard we wish it will be.

  Added into the story is The Sick Week. Germs running around the house.

  Throw in some big, hairy monster-ish spiders, running into...

  Dear God, please, not my hair~


  And when TSW + Spiders + NOT my hair, suddenly it equals to A few days of FEVER + COUGH + a bit of FLU. (this is the scene where Q.L. disappeared - her reason being, "I don't want to get INFECTED!!!!!!" What am I? A zombie?!)

  And like ALL good stories, the bad guy loses the fight. So, there ends my entry of "Me Against My Health".

Thank you.
If you ever think that this post doesn't make any sense, I don't blame you. (It does not make sense to me, either) But fear not! Since I strongly believe in the maxim "A picture can paint a thousand words"...

...this rather explains it all. Don't you agree?

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