_of Review of One Not-Qualified Movie Critic And A Ghost Story

  After much tug-o-war between Q.L. and I, we finally managed to catch up with some movies that we wanted to see before they are taken off the screen.

Though I can see that you readers are aching to guess which one is Q.L., I will not allow it. This is because, the moment you guess Q.L. correctly, you will know the other one represents me.

Without further delay, I present to thee...

"The Review of One Not-Qualified Movie Critic"

1. Black Swan

  First, let's take a look at its conventional traditional pre-modernised poster look.

You are looking at the correct poster, trust me. It really doesn't look like Natalie Portman, I know. But hey, what can we do? Blackmail them?
 And now, we shall look at the poster that they used for Oscar.

One of the posters, I mean.

  And like usual, I will give a very me-rating.

Rating: Watch it if you are feeling bored and naughty. Ah-hem.

  One thing to be sure, this movie is really not for those who are under 18 years of age (for that matter, I don't think it should be allowed for 21-year-old students, too). I was so sure FINAS or GSC (at the very least) would cut some of the incriminating scenes, but surprisingly, they did not. Which makes me wonder, if a movie endorses Art as its main theme, it would not be censored even if it is UNRATED. Right? Makes me want to make some unfair comparison between the movie with (hmmm...) Jennifer's Body? Nah... No one watches it. Let's say, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. :p

  Q.L. and I were very much disappointed. We were anticipating this Oscar-winning actress to bring some hindsight about Art-Thriller into our lives. However, we were much more disturbed by her self-mutilation acts (which include tearing own skin, cutting fingernails until bleeding and turning into a black swan in order to perform in a ballet theater show). 

  It says, the movie is all about "The pursuit of perfection". I say, it is a movie about a person, when you take ballet out of her life, who is nothing but a mere shadow walking on Earth. *ceh. Dramatic pulak.*

  I know. The above sentence sounded like something taken out straight from the scene in Lord of the Rings.

But, on a happier note, I notice one great resemblance...

Does anyone, other than me, see this lady having some striking resemblance to Aishwarya Rai?

2. Devil

  A very long-overdue review, I know. But we just bought the CD.

   Like the weird persons that Q.L. and I are, the movie invites the wrong kind of issues for discussion.

Like this.

I was joking.

  If you really want to know, after the movie ended, we went on to discuss about God (Belief in God vs. In God We Trust), Life and Death (as we know it), atheists (scientists who believe in Science and those who believe both in God and Aliens, like Stephen Hawking) and other stuffs I cannot remember.

  To put it plainly, M. Night Shyamalan provoked us to discuss what is God's plan for humanity.

Yes, we did that.

3. Sini Ada Hantu (Here Got Ghosts)

Yes, there is something wrong with your eyes. I did not upload an "old, winking, smiling star".


One of my faves (as far as this post goes).

  It is one thing when directors make scary movies with ridiculous plots for entertainment, it is another thing for directors to combine unique Malaysian beliefs and make them into scary movies. In this case, James Lee managed to do the another thing and he should be applauded for the effort. Though the storyline (the three parts) was familiar to us (and might make the story a bit boring), but his tendency to NOT follow any Thai, Indonesian or Singaporean scary movies is (to sum it up) "pretty cool".

  All in all, "me likey this movie lah!"

Extra: A Ghost Story

*screeching laugh sounds, crying babies, cats meow-ing (err...)*

Credit goes to Q.L. who told me this story, and she has a blog. (Just saying.)

  It happened one particular night. I was in my room and everyone else was asleep. Then come one time when I couldn't hold it any longer (What couldn't possibly hold any longer????)

  I had to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom/toilet, somebody knocked on a door and I heard sounds in the kitchen. I thought it was my parents. But what were my parents doing in the kitchen at midnight? They couldn't possibly be hungry, we ate foods which could amount to nearly a week supply for dinner that night. (Here, I need to clarify one thing; they DID NOT eat a week-supply of food, it was an exaggeration.) 

  To cut things short, when I opened my door, a dark shadow walked past me... (I need to clarify another thing; the "dark shadow" has nothing to do with the "Black Swan" mentioned above.) 

  And because Q.L. was annoyed that I kept on  interrupting her story, she didn't finish it. Sufficient to say, it made me had nightmares for a few days. ARGHHHH!!!!!

I think it is my turn to bludgeon her until she cannot remember a thing.
p.s. In case you are wondering, after Q.L. ended her "not-finished story", she went to sleep for 14 hours. Again.

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