_of Wanted - A Guy Who...

p.s. to myself: Make this post comprehensible, unlike this here.

...in the form of this...

~A guy...
...DEFINITELY without the cigarette...(and no play of words or names here, Q.L.).

~who satisfies the requirements below:

1.  Doesn't have the kind of hair the person on the left has.

- Fashion is one thing, hair is another. No matter how many times The Wanted Guy says his hair is born-thinned or slightly flattened, I don't buy it.

- I recommend The Wanted Guy to buy Burt's Bees Volumizing Shampoo instead.

2.  Seriously NOT a vegan.

- Being vegetarian is good for other people, not me.

- I never like lamb, I've said it before. But that does not mean I approve of The Wanted Guy to be a total vegan; in other words, no meats, no seafood and no eggs.

- I cannot live without scrambled eggs. :(

3.  Thinks a complete meal for lunch is Ferrero Rocher/chocolate mud cake/egg tarts.

- Or three altogether.

- And while we are at it...

4.  ...thinks of dinner differently: something bought in a box, or better, as a takeaway from a restaurant.

- I cook at times. 

- I repeat, at times. 

5.   Doesn't criticize/make fun of/detest plus-size women.

- Maybe The Wanted Guy has a six-pack, Jacob-kind-of body.

- Maybe The Wanted Guy is healthier than many people.

- But that doesn't qualify The Wanted Guy to make fun of us.

6. Has the same terrible, unhealthy eating habits like I do.

- Which includes, potato fries, deep-fried chicken skin, Coke, Korean ramen noodles, fried mee, and The Chicken Rice Shop's chicken rice.

- It's funny how the above sentence relates mostly to...

7. ...chicken. 

- Which The Wanted Guy doesn't have to be.

- Enough that The Wanted Guy the common sense to wear thick clothes in European countries (for example, Stansted UK) and not here.

- Since someone who keeps wearing scarfs/shawls/knitwear (for a guy, that is) is either:

(a) wants to copy my style.
(b) wants to copy Q.L.'s style.
(c) dreams of being in a country where it has four seasons in a year.

8.  Likes I am Number 4.

- A sense of humour is the one characteristic that we (the females) are attracted to. Remember that, The Wanted Guy.

9. Is cool.

- As defined by me.

- Has nothing to do with ice-creams.

And last but not least... 

...which sums up The PERFECT Wanted Guy very nicely. :p

  Of course, when one is wanted, there must be a reward/prize for the wanted person.

I present to thee...

...which unfortunately, IS NOT ME.

Gotcha! :P

p.s.: All cartoons above are courtesy of Natalie Dee, except the Wanted poster.

p.p.s.: Happy 137th birthday to Harry Houdini. Know him? He is the sole reason we keep seeing David Blaine performing death-defying magic tricks...

...and the reason why mice in our house are a lot smarter than us.


  1. Nice post.. I'm having good time reading all your entries.. Thumbs up for this post

  2. @VaVaVoom: Hi there to you, too. ^_^

    @LunaChempaka: Thank you! It's good to get appreciation from other bloggers. Made my day already!!! :)

  3. great post, accompanied by some great pics, and too bad about the prize ;)

  4. @lauyee: Thank you~~ what's so bad about the prize anyway?