_of (Nearly) Defaming Q.L.

p.s.: I will get sued if this entry gets anywhere near Q.L., but since she started it here, my guilt is partly absolved, isn't it?

p.p.s.: This is a mini "conduct" to my intention here. In other words, this is the actus reus to my mens rea in order for me to defame (if successfully established) Q.L.

"Why I Am Not Joking When I Say I Know The Real Q.L."
(since I am so CUTE these days, "reading between the lines, it would be extremely lazy and frighteningly stalky", these cartoons are again borrowed from Natalie Dee, America's Favorite Cracker).

1. We didn't get to know each other by saying "Hello!"

- Allow me to explain, she is not the type that says "Hello!" at first meeting. I am not trying to imply that "she-is-a-snake, I-am-a-bean-hag-bag" kind of thing, it's just that she likes to...


2. ...stare

- No. I am not saying that she is a person gone cuckoo, too. She has this weird characteristic of not telling anyone that she is short-sighted when...

3. ...everyone who knows me know that everyone I know wears glasses.

- She is part of the group, too...

4. ...which is funny.

- Because she is trying to elude herself, her friends, and me.

5. Err. She is not a boy.

- "She" kind of explains it all. Don't you think?

6. I have to admit, she has a flair for style.

- Even though the style is not my cup of tea (preferring sweaters to shawls), ridiculously plenty (like, A LOT), extremely redundant (how do you combine sweaters with long-sleeved turtlenecks?) and utterly bright (a purple bag, purple sneakers, AND purple blouse altogether worn AT THE SAME TIME).

7.  She (like yours truly) has a temper to match.

- Though, I would like to clarify, her temper is kind of quirky.

- The definition of "quirky" in my context would be: "trying to do something angrily which in other people's point of view, would be very irritating, annoying or positively boring. For example, chasing mosquitoes around the house when all you need to do is to switch on the Ridsect-thingy-that-repels-mosquitoes."

8. In a way, her cooking is equivalent to a nuclear explosion.

- Which, to be fair, is a fun experience to have...

- ...if you don't have 7 essays needed to be written down (on that day itself) or a timed-test (the next morning).

9. A realist.

- With a bit of sarcastic humour added inside.

- For example: when she says "I am such a cute person, and you hurt my feelings by crushing my hope and throwing all the tiny pieces into the black deep abyss..."

- To tell you the truth, I (like you guys who read the above sentence for the n-hundredth time) have a problem detecting the reality of the sentence, but of course (like you guys, too) I found that it is all full with sarcasm.

10. Hah!

- For Q.L. to say "too much" to any kind of food, would equal to trying to ask her to stop sleeping for 14 hours on any weekend.

- In other words: It. Is. Never. Going. To. Happen.

Extra. The left picture is a joke.

- This is because, she cannot even recognize/spot a cat when it walks in front of her (see above reason). Let alone eating one.

  There you have it, folks. 10 things about Q.L. and one extra (exclusively for those who are not easily satisfied) *wink wink*.

  Will get back another time with "WANTED: A Guy Who..." soon. Stay tuned!

P.S.: I am trying to be interactive (is that even a word) here, so do you have any friends who is similar to Q.L.? We can trick them to go for a blind date (if GZ doesn't bludgeon me to death first).

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