_of I Am Number 4

 One sentence:

  This movie is such a cliché. 

  Hahaha. Oh my, I am sure the fans will attack me for this.

  Giving credit where it is due, I like this movie. Maybe because of its cheesiness or maybe it is the fact that I would like to see Sam getting cosy with No.6.

Oh my. Now I'm getting cliche.

What I like to see next:

- Movies with titles such as He is Number 5, Numbers 4 and 5 with 6 (A Female) etc.
- Number 8 is someone with healing powers. THEN, I can point out the obvious "Why oh why didn't you show up in 4's movie? You could have saved Henry's life!!!!" *tears*
- Sam got laser-ed up by 6, then the conversation will be: "I'm going to hit you up."

Right. You don't have to tell me, I can't stand myself too.


  1. Congratz! New Wasaber. Follow all the Wasaberss to stay connected among Wasabers. ;)

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    -krew WSB-

  2. welkam new wasaber!!
    yeah2! kasi meriah lagi wsb ah...
    lepas ni ada gath bulan 5..
    sblm ni hanya mini gath! hihi

  3. singgah sini n followed u.
    go wasaber!


  4. @Zurina: Hi!! Thank you, found the logo already & added into the blog. :)

    @Mr_mrs mikko: Thanks!!! Nanti tengok2 klu ada di sabah bulan 5 nie...

    @fadzmie: Thank you! ^_^

    @CaDLyNN: Go n watch it! Nanti x sempat. :p

  5. i pun confused tgk movie ni.. than kenapa penjahat dia mcm senang nak mati...hahahhaha

  6. really in love with this movie heheh

  7. @kswsk: Yupe, hero pun senang mati jugak. Civilians pun boleh tangkap Henry. :p

    @leeza: I'm starting to like this movie, too. But only if there is anything going on between Sam & 6. Hahhahaa....

  8. I couldn't agree more! We can predict what happen next and the pace of the story is sseeellllooowwww~ I fell asleep and awakened by my boyfriend, twice!

  9. @Angel: Hahahaha. Really? Then, try Black Swan. The movie drags a whole lot slower than Number 4. ^_^