_of Food Escapade (Pavilion-Related)

  Not that I think of my exciting Food Journey something that is dumb or stupid (which, apparently, is the meaning of "escapade" in Oxford Dictionary.) And since I am extremely jammed right now (with another Defamation essays - previous entry here, when can I get over them???), I will just show pictures. As promised in here, albeit pics-loaded only. Bear with me, dear people.

_of SnowFlake:

The yam soy-ice.

The peanut tohua.

  I will have to admit, Q.L. and I are more crazy when we deal with Snowflake desserts. Insanity beyond recognition, I believe. Here are the proofs:

The drinks.

The "more drinks".

  Before you guys start chasing us with spikes and nails and hammers around, I need to clarify one thing: this is a-few-weeks' supply. Now is the 3rd week and we still have some left. In the fridge.

_of Manhattan Fish Market:

The quad delights.

The flaming prawns.

The mojito.

The tropical breeze.

The ice-cream brownie.

The err... half-full seafood chowder.

The empty prawn olio.
  The only thing that we didn't get to finish in the above pictures is the oysters. I like oysters. Q.L. doesn't. So, if Q.L. didn't finish them, it is forgivable. Instead, when I wouldn't even want to touch them, you could know there is something wrong there, couldn't you?

  Just in case you really couldn't, here's a hint: They are slimy.


_of Tarbush Express:

The napkin.

The shawarna chicken.

  Q.L. ordered the briyani lamb, too. But she finished it rather quickly, that is why I couldn't snap a picture of it. The grilled-chicken-rolled-up-in-a-pita-bread was delicious, the pita bread was thin (Q.L. was surprised of this, I don't know why) and the chicken was flavourful. Oh, the briyani rice was a bit heavily-flavoured to me, the spices were overwhelming.

_of Korean's Sam Sam stall in the Food Court:

The bimbim bap.

The glass noodles. With rice.

  For your information, Q.L. and I didn't finish these two dishes. They were plain. I cooked better glass noodles dish than it, and Q.L. tasted traditional/original flavour bimbim bap in their country last year. So yeah, we are qualified to criticize the dishes.

_of Little Wok:

The chicken wing fried rice. The Cantonese kuey tiaw. The fried yee mee (not pictured).
  The reason why you couldn't see some of the dishes is not the same as above. We couldn't bear to finish them. I am sorry to say, the dishes were pathetic. 

Too harsh, I know. But that is because we paid for the foods ourselves with cold, hard cash. (Somehow, the sentence is translated into: "Both of us are not famous, thus no one would ever want to invite us to review their dishes.")

p.s.: You can see the briyani lamb in the last picture. Look closely, it's the one inside the container where all left was the bones. That is how good the lamb is. To Q.L., that is. I never like lamb.

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