_of What Happened to Me in the Past Two Hours

  Remember my previous entry about the essay on Defamation? 

Sigh. Passion, please!

  Just to get you even more annoyed, here's the entry.

  You might think there's absolutely nothing to it, but please stand in my shoes for a while (only applicable to those with the exact shoe size of 6, as for those feet which are smaller than mine, congratulations to you. For those who have bigger feet size, you have been warned completely.)

Yes, I've gone through this for the entire morning...

And since I am done with the essay, I am now in this situation:

...in which, "the feeling" will evaporate completely in a few hours. That I can assure you.

I still have hope, though.

For this.

But in the mean time, I can be satisfied with this:

...which is not happening. 
*tears rolling down*

Therefore, I just have to humour myself with this.

...which apparently, has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Or my finished essay. 

One essay done!


P.s.: 11 more to go. T_T

...and two more timed-tests.

Double T_T

P.p.s: If this post annoys you more than ever, let's just look at it this way - a longer Facebook-ish post (about ME!) in a blog (created by ME!) which you might want to read (with a little persuasion from ME!). 

Now you know why I dislike Facebook.

p.p.s Q.L. woke up, ate Maggi and then went back to sleep. Where is an earthquake when you need one?!


  1. yeah..doing law essays, tell me abt it XD especially defamation *faints*

  2. hey, wheres your shoutbox? i cant even approach you back :p

  3. @estherlai: You should try "nuisance". There's bound to be psychological effect left behind. *manic laughter*

    @Ili Nadhrah: Hey back. I'm worried there's going to be some "lag", so I didn't install any shoutbox. Just come back often then!!! ^_^

  4. I wonder were is your chat box I can not locate here in your blog. Please make visible your Shout Box so that we visitor come to your site can post our gozzip. PLease make this comment appeared its not a spam. Thanks