_of Food Escapade - Part II (Chili's)

p.s.: Part I is here.

   For those who don't know me enough, I am fond of food. Rats! Scratch that. Everyone is fond of food, but my addiction is rather slightly over moderation. And because I am somehow a bit weird (okay, VERY weird. Satisfied?), I choose some rather unpopular/unconventional food to eat.

Cookies~~ *cough cough*

  Often, the result is disastrous.

Unlike this.

   So, I am going to show you people some Chili's pictures that I've taken/eaten recently.

CAUTION: Do not believe those who said the portion is very large or enough for MANY people. After eating, Q.L. and I thought that "one person eating is enough, two people sharing is sad and three people eating for a portion is stretching-it-a-bit-too-far-and-kinda-pathetic", except the burgers.

As usual, we will start with The Box:

Or the take-away paper bag, if you insist.

Then, the appetizers:

This is the signature egg roll. Q.L. and I disliked them, must be because of the black beans inside. That's for one portion, THREE rolls ONLY.

The Wings over Buffalo is nice, better than Friday's in fact. Q.L. ate most of them, because she said that "You-don't-eat-any-drumstick-also-lah".

We hated this, and we still do now. I'm sorry. We couldn't bear to finish it anyway. Just in case you are asking (which I know you are not), it is the chicken-ham-plus-beef-bacon-sandwich.

WE absolutely LOVED THIS. Actually, it is a main course (FOR ME), but the portion is so small, it ended up being our appetizer. It's called the Honey Breaded Chicken.

The main courses:

I wanted to eat fish that day, so I tried this. Q.L. ordered this Firecracker Dory fish, but since she ate MOST of my Honey Breaded Chicken, I ate this. Before you point your fingers to me and scream... "YOU ARE SO CRUEL!!!!", let me tell you that Q.L. didn't like this much on account of it being TOO sweet and NOT spicy at all.
Like I've said before, I never liked lamb. And I still don't. Q.L. ordered the Lamb shank, and she finished it ALL BY HERSELF. And then, she had the nerve to say that It. Is. Not. Big. Enough.

Let's be dramatic here...

Oh! The Cruelty of Life!!!

=.=!!! Continue.

The side dish:

I only ate a small spoon of the Mashed Potato with Black Pepper Gravy (please don't ask where the gravy is, I think it ran away). It might taste better if it was served HOT.
And finally, the bill:


  Actually, no. We went Dutch. We always are, I've noticed.

I found this on the Internet:

  I think it's funny. See, I've told you. I'm weird.

p.s. If you think this Chili's post is NOT enough, Q.L. has more here.


  1. i take away before...but the food get cold when i reached home....

    thefye.com stay tune to me...

  2. The food is ok for me, nothing that I will shout about.

  3. @kumfye: yupe, that happens most of the time to me, too. But pop food into a microwave, and voila~ problem solved! :p

    @Nava.K: true, however, it seems like every night I pass Chili's outlets, they are always having a full house AND a line waiting for tables in front.