_of Fighting and Hurting to Make A Point

  I know. Sometimes, you will fight or hurt someone just to get your point across. It often happens, especially to friends. Close friends.

And this is what currently happen to me and Q.L.

  I am not sorry, because I believe there is no point in making one when you are not sincere/ready or even when you don't know what to be sorry about. But I will admit my wrongs. 

  My first wrong was to leave abruptly. It was wrong, childish even. I know it was a stupid thing to do. What if I kena rompak? Kena kidnapped? What if SHE kena kidnapped? How was I going to tell her family after that? etc etc.

  But then, to cut me some slack, you can never get lost in a place you are very familiar with. Note the word, VERY. Besides, we are both old enough, if not matured enough.

  My second wrong was to be cold. Like very cold. Try not speaking to each other for 3 days. That is how cold it is.

But I want to justify myself.

  It is hard being the person constantly reminded of things that you always lack of (in example, money). I believe we have our limits and our own dignity, don't we? And so, after being "teased" and "ridiculed"...

It is just not funny anymore.

  I keep reminding myself that after two years (and counting), it is pretty dumb to let go of one hell-of-a-friendship that builds on trust, hardships and mostly laughter. It is not often that you find someone who has the same mind (albeit, in a opposite way) as you do.

And above all, I do miss you.


  1. I'm just want to say sorry if that day my words are hurting you. I'm not blaming you for not speaking with me for more than 3 days.

    Just to let you know the egg tarts I bought are meants for you. To cheer you up. I thought you will accept my indirect apology. But I'm wrong. You never looked at it. I'm truly hurt at that moment.

    Just now I try to apologize to you but you're hiding in your blanket. Watching you hiding in the blanket makes me lose my courage to speak out "I'm sorry for what I had said. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry!"

    I hope you will accept my apology. Becaue I don't want to lose this friendship that means a lot for me.

  2. Awwww Q.L is so sweet. Please accept the apology. Don't throw away this friendship. :)

    P/s: Dropping by from my blogwalking list -http://azuraanisalaim.blogspot.com/2011/02/blogwalking-list-azura-banyak-cakap.html

  3. @Armstrong: Yupe, I agree.

    @Azura: Thanks for the concern. We are fine now. ^_^