_of JOGOYA Sucks*

*Q.L.'s status in FB.

   To me, the title reflected the situation very accurately (We went there for lunch on Thursday). But because I am such an old hag very "creative" tonight, I shall modify a slogan out of it.

~Transportation (return): RM50
~Spending some "quality time" with Q.L.: RM98
~The experience of having bad food: Priceless.

 "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard."

  Right. The idiot who wrote the slogan should be whacked on the head. 

----Oh wait. Let me google it.----

MasterCard Wikipedia : I'm sorry, Mr. Emery. Your ad doesn't seem to work very well here.

  It seems like maybe, just a teeny bit MAYBE, I favour a much different taste than others?


  1. never tried jagoya before..

  2. Guys, then I seriously advise you, DON'T go. But hey, it's your choice, right? ^_^