_of The Fateful Day When Hundreds of Bombs Dropped on A Restaurant

Or the more-usual and slightly under-dramatic name would be:

the Food Escapade - Restoran Jom Cari Makan.

p.s.: Part I is here, and Part II is there. And Part III is the one you are reading now.

  It's going to be an extremely dull post, due to the fact that I am fairly disappointed with the food. Also, it is entirely based on my own experience, which happened to be Today.

I never knew I look like this when I am feeling disappointed. Nor have I ever knew this is a Natural Look of Disappointment.

Back to the main point.

  So, I was trying to find some Halal Chinese cuisine the other day, and the fact that I trust bloggers' opinions more these days I am quite kiasu (read: lazy) to find/venture out by myself, I have decided to check out the veracity of a food blogger's review about the Restoran Jom Cari Makan.

  I didn't bother to take a photo of the front view of the restaurant, because if I do, I would be standing in the middle of the road, trying to incite all cars to drive pass through into me.

...somehow, I have a feeling that The Fateful Car is going to be just like this.
   But, fret not! I have an article about the restaurant, found in The Star, written in 2009. Beats me why the quality of it declined rapidly over the years... *sarcasm*

  I will admit this once: I am an annoying brat who tends to pick argument whenever I am not happy about food. Since the article is included, I will analyse it based on what happened TO ME.

--- Okay, I won't pick on the faults in the article, it is unfair, I know. Coz it's 2009.---

Is it okay if I give you the pictures I took instead?

1.  Quantity...

Hailam Mee.
   I don't mind if the food's price is expensive, as long as it is delicious. This, in fact, is quite delicious. The only thing that irks me if the amount of the mee - it is so scarce (yes, I am using the word ACCURATELY) that it should be renamed as The-Veggies-(and-Two-Small-Prawns)-Drenched-In-Hailam-Sauce.

2. The type of noodles used...

Hokkien Mee.
   This was what Q.L. ordered that night (we went to the place twice, for reasons which will be mentioned below). She complained about the type of noodles used by the chef (Yee Mee is used here), frankly, I don't give a damn. She liked the sauce, but for me (yes, I took some spoonfuls), the sauce was too sweet; not exactly my Thing, I guess.

3. Soup next...

Tomyam Soup.
   Of course, credit is given where it is due. This is, by far, the only food that Q.L. and I are satisfied with. (Truth be said, we think it is not spicy enough. But let's not be as picky as Q.L. ^_^).

4. The House's Specialty...

Mongolian Chicken.
   We had this for takeaway. And we regretted it. Note the name was Mongolian Chicken and allow me to quote Q.L. here:

  "Hmm... Really not sure why we don't like/cannot accept it. Maybe it is because the chicken is from Mongolia, or the sauce is a Mongolian sauce, or maybe it is the fact that the chef is a Mongolian."

  When my brain translated the above sentences, I had a thought going on:

Since when do the Mongolians cook Curry with Mayonnaise before? 

  I vividly remember that spices (like curry leaves) came from Malacca or China from long long ago. Must be my memory which has failed me. Screw you, History!

5. Miscellaneous foods...

  As I grew tired of naming every fault, I shall just put pics and more pics below.

Pattaya Fried Rice

  We think you will like this, IF you like tasteless omelette and cabbages and sawi/choi sam instead of the usual carrot, green peas and whatever things they usually put inside a pattaya fried rice.

Fried Wantan.

---Oh, come on! You really think that at this juncture, I am going to write about some nice food? Really? You must have lots of faith in humanity, then.---

  Three words: Soggy When Takeaway, But-Better-Cooked-If-Compared-To-Be-Eaten-On-The-Spot. My bad! That's not three words. I have lost interest in counting properly.

Just one more...

6. Mother of All Failed Food...

An assortment of dimsums.
   I realize that I am not one to critic dimsum, this is because it is my first time to eat steam ones. And like ALL first times (I dare you to argue with me about it), the experience sucks.

  Pictures tend to explain more. But if you are skeptical about it, Q.L. (who has eaten tons of dimsums in her whole life, so far) agreed with me that the dimsums were the worst dimsums she had ever eaten.

Fair Honest comment, people!

_of Reasons why We Went for Two Days:

1. The service was very poor the first time we went there. We had to wait for ONE HOUR for the dimsums to be served (and that is after the customers who ordered later than us got theirs). So, Q.L. went berserk.

Imagine Q.L. waving her Heybabies around.
  If you don't know what Heybabies, you sure haven't read my post yet.

And we cancelled our order.

2. We didn't manage to try the House's Specialty that day, and we kept thinking about it. So, we went for the second time. And the third time. Because nobody informed us that dimsums are sold starting 2pm only, and we were there during lunch.

  It must be my born-paranoid feeling. I kept thinking that because of our abrupt leave the other night, their service was even poorer than before (not many people were there) and the quality fell rapidly.

  But like I've mentioned before, it is all MY OWN personal opinion. You can try to eat there, and you can "bomb"/"stab"/"show off" to me about the OH-SO-GREAT experience you have there. Go On. But caveat, people! You have been warned.

  And I am sorry to give you horrid details of my food escapade. Here's a bunny for you...

I didn't say I would give you a cutesy-bitsy one, did I? *evil, maniacal laughter*


  1. For me too service is very important, its part of the experienced of eating out at places.

  2. Hahaha, i like ur sarcasm way of writing this post XD

  3. @Nava.K: I agree. It's usually what I will remember most when eating somewhere. Though they did not charge any service tax, I rather hope they did (just so I can get better services).

    @Kelvin: Thank you, that's because I was rather Disappointment with them (Ah... see the word with the capital "D". that's because it's important).