_of My Housemate (Ex)

P/S: To clarify, this post is NOT about Q.L.

15:47pm, 30th September 2010.

My housemate left the House.

The Story of My Housemate. Who Is She? :

- Imagine that she is the Mime. I'm the ninja, of course.

 - Or that she is the one wearing the brownish-blackish hat, and I am the one holding The thing-that-looks-like-a-wood-stick-but-in-fact-is-not Stuff, or Staff.

- Or that she is the cause of me becoming 2 or 3 every single time I went to see the Security Guard.

And the fact that she left the House?

- This calls for a Celebration.

- And another celebration.

- And multiple the feeling by 100 times. ^_^

End of Story.

Slightly off-topic:


  1. Tsk Tsk... Celebration... You are suppose to give her warm farewell party or at least hug her... Still want to have celebration... Geng! Muahahaha!

  2. Hug her?
    HUG HER????

    Are you mad?
    She might call the police and say I'm siao de.

    You really like her a lot, don't you?