_of How It Begins

  I've accidentally clicked wrong. Yes, that is The Sentence. Ihadaccidentallydeletedmyfavouriteblogofalltime, theblogthatIhavepouredallmyheartintodoingit. That sucks.

  So, I need to start a new one. I asked myself why bother after all the works I have done for the previous blog went down the drain. A toast to Google Account, may God bless you. 
  After finishing Julie/Julia Project book, I restart re-think the possibility of this. Why, you may ask? WHY? WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

p/s: To annoy the hell out of Q.L. Coz I am going to dish out all ALL her dirty secrets HERE.

p/p/s: If you are going to believe that, you SO DON'T KNOW me. Might as well just stop reading the blog now.

This is Why...

  By now, I have passed my first year as a Law student. Nothing short of a miracle is doing its mumbo-jumbo-hocus-pocus thing to keep me alive, and insane sane. Of course, it is with the help of some wonderful people in my life, which in turn will somehow manage to have a place in this little, cute blog of mine. (MINE! MINE! MINE!)

  So, this will be the journey of my life, with people around me. Hoping Praying that in due time, I will find the better me, the one with the Courage and Confidence to stand up for the Belief, the Rights, the Justice blahblahblah.

  But that will be a long journey by itself. Right now I am more content to annoy the hell out of everyone in my life. ^_^


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