_of Rindu & Heart

Rindu untuk menulis, 
Rindu untuk berkata-kata, 
Rindu untuk didengari.

Rindu dengan diri sendiri,
Rindu dengan orang lain,
Rindu dengan hidup lalu.

Choice. It is always a privilege that I rarely have. 
Decision. It is what I have to constantly do.
Time. One valuable thing that I need to contemplate my future.

What are my choices? Who will make my decisions? Where is the time?
If only I knew.

But heart always do what it wants to do.
And when it is about mistake, it always jump into it headfirst.
Remind heart not to do mistakes. Can I?

Heart, remember.
Remember the pain. Remember the agony. Remember the struggles.
Of forgetting people that you brought inside you.
Always trying without success.

Heart, don't fall again.
Don't fall anymore.
Never open your door.
For pain, agony and struggles await you, if you did.

Listen to me. 
I know. It happened before.

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